Forever Roses- Black Hat Box

Real roses that last up to a year!

Miss Porter Flowers arrangements are made with the highest quality Colombian and Ecuadorian preserved roses. Each flower box is made to order in our Melbourne studio.

The flowers make the perfect gift for your loved one, are a great wedding present and would look beautiful in your home.

Add a personal touch to your arrangement by adding customised text to the gift box.

When properly cared for (no direct sunlight, no moisture or excessive heat) the flowers will last up to a year. There is also no need to water the flowers & they are to be kept housed in the box. 

This arrangement contains 12 of our signature forever fleurs which are between 5-6 cm in diameter. The flowers will be housed in our black hat box which measures approx 18.5 x 21 cm .

Please allow 4 business days for your personalised flowers to ship.


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