2022 Bachelorette Party Trends

Oct 2, 2022

Looking for some bachelorette party inspiration? You've come to the right place! Here are. our top 5 bachelorette party trends for 2022!

1. 90's-themed Everything

The 90s have a way of remaining relevant years after they were over. 2022 is embracing the 90s as bridesmaids are looking to 90s style as part of the bachelorette party. Customised bridal jackets are the champions of this trend. Bridesmaids wear matching bridal jackets over fun shirts. With a 90s playlist inspiring epic karaoke moments, this trend is catchy and fun.

2. Wellness

Opt for a night in rather than a night out and indulge in all things relaxation. What better way to celebrate an upcoming wedding by taking the time to pamper yourselves and improve your wellbeing, leaving yourself renewed and refreshed for the big day. Care items such as floral bath salts and soy candles are a must-have, with some brides even gifting personalised satin pjs to their friends.

3. Disco

Glitter & disco balls, baby! There's no such thing as too much glitz here & we're all for it. One of our favourite accessories for a disco themed bachelorette party are our bride military hats. They're super fun, look amazing photos & let everyone know who the bride is!

4. Virtual Gifts

The pandemic has not stopped the party as friends have found creative ways to celebrate bachelorette parties. Virtual gifting often occurs on online platforms with the bride or bridesmaid getting a surprise gift. With our build-a-box option, you can send the perfect bridal box or bridesmaid box to help her get ready for the special day. 

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