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    Bridesmaids don’t have to go for an everyday look when wearing their robes. Bridesmaids can incorporate many different styles to elevate their wedding morning look. Options include wearing loose shorts and cami tank tops, comfortable loungewear, lightweight slip-ins, lingerie sets, leggings, and Spanx suits. 

    There are several things brides and bridesmaids should consider when layering their robes to ensure maximum comfort and style. They include wearing undergarments that flaunt their figure to enhance the robe's beauty. Choose silky and smooth underrobe wear, such as slip-ins and shorts. They add luxury and drape beautifully when paired with a robe. A silk slip-in or pants would do the job perfectly if you are looking for coverage and comfort. Ultimately, anything you wear under must complement the robe and its colour. 

    There is no clear answer to who should buy the bridesmaid robes because such arrangements vary. Some brides take it upon themselves to buy the robes for their bridesmaids. On the other hand, the bridal team might decide to buy the bridesmaids robes and make it a surprise for the bride. In another setting, the bride and her team can agree that each person should buy their bridesmaid robes from the same vendor. The maid of honour or any member of the bridal team can also decide to buy the robes, a special gift to the bride and the bridesmaids. 

    Many factors can determine who buys the bridesmaid robes. However, in many weddings, the bride is the one who buys the robes and gifts her bridal team. It is often a keepsake that strengthens the bond between them. 

    Matching the bridesmaid robes has always been a tradition for years. Brides wear identical robes that complement the colour of the bride’s robe. While the bridal team can wear matching colours, the bride’s robe should be different because it is her special day and should be distinguished.

    Wearing matching robes is cool because it is cohesive and visually stunning. It also depicts a sense of unity, an indication of a lovely bond the bride and girls share. Most importantly, it is a picture-perfect look for pre-wedding photos. 

    Conversely, bridesmaids can also wear robes with the same design but different colours. When it comes to fashion, the rules can be broken. If the robes complement each other, why not try it out? 

    Wearing different colours for the robes indicates the bride’s boldness, expressing her individuality. It also shows the bride's consideration of each person's personal preference and style. If the styles are incorporated correctly, they can create a magical look that adds depth to wedding photos.