Personalised Denim Jackets for Kids

Personalised Denim Jackets for Kids Shop our unique kids' personalised denim jacket collection, perfect for adding a fun and stylish touch for flower girls, page boys, and infants.

Even though many weddings pay close attention to adult wear, paying attention to what the kids will wear brings extra joy and beauty. When planning for your little bridal party members’ wear, it’s the little things that matter. Kids are obsessed with tiny details that make them feel beautiful. And what better way to make them feel elegant than with a personalised denim jacket? Kids personalised denim jackets are adorable. Little cute details add a flair to their look, adding a special touch when it comes to wedding photographs. Secondly, kids personalised jackets are versatile: you can incorporate them with any outfit and wedding theme. Additionally, they are comfortable: comfort ikey for kids, and our denim jackets ensure kids will be comfortable while still looking elegant.  

Shop Our Range of Personalised Denim Jackets for Children and Infants

At Miss Poppy Design, we prioritise kids' wedding fashion. We pay attention to detail and use high-quality fabric to ensure your wedding guests gasp with joy when your bridal team of kids walk down the aisle. Elevate your kids' bridal wear with the best-personalised denim jackets for kids in Australia. Discover our exclusive range of bridal jackets below: 

Personalised Kids Denim Jacket | Pearl : Pearl denim jacket is our best seller for many reasons! It is the perfect outfit for flower girls. They can also match it with adult jackets and even with the bride's outfit. We have also embellished it with beautiful faux pearls, making it the best gift for flower girls. Additionally, the pearls add an angelic touch and can match any bridal dress. 

Our kids personalised jackets are purely made from cotton to provide comfort. To add glamour, we have customised it with luxe embroidery that has your kids' initials, names or whatever you'd like written on the jacket. This allows children to express themselves and explore their style. You also don't have to worry about comfort. We ensure our denim personalised jacket is appropriately sized to fit your kids. All you have to do is scroll through all sizes provided and click on the right size for your kid. We can’t forget to mention that this pearl jacket has lots of stunning reviews from clients. It boasts quality, elegance, chicness, and comfort. What's not to love about this beautiful masterpiece? 

Personalised Kids Denim Jacket Black : When it comes to colour creativity, our black kids personalised denim jacket has defied all odds. It's a stunner, and every head must turn when a kid wears it. Our denim jacket features press studs, and we personalise it with beautiful embroidery to enhance its beauty. When it comes to the initials or text, we don't play; we use modern or scripted font to add a touch of elegance. The best part is your kids can select the colour of embroidery thread they prefer. Even when they wear it, they will feel loved. If you want your kids to elevate your bridal look and add a little drama, our black kids personalised jacket is the best option. More notably, page boys can also feel very comfortable with this black denim jacket as it enhances their masculinity. 

Personalised Kids Pearl Jacket White : Allow your kids to express their personality and explore fashion with our personalised kids pearl jacket white. We couldn't stop our creative juices from flowing, so we came up with this angelic kids personalised denim jacket. Even your little bridal party members will love it when they see it. We’ve incorporated beautiful faux pearl detailing to enhance its beauty. We've also used pure cotton for added comfort, and customise with a name or text that your little ones prefer. 

Shipping Information

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How Do I Choose the Right Size for a Child's Denim Jacket?

We provide multiple sizes for kids personalised denim jackets to ensure you pick one that perfectly fits your little ones. Once you've selected your preferred jacket, you will see a scrollable button named 'Size.'  keep scrolling until you find the right size, then click on it. 

If you need more clarification about your kids’ size, we have provided a size chart for every product, including kids' jackets. Click on the 'size chart' button right below the 'add to cart button’ to find out more. If you want specific personalisation options, continue filling the other buttons on the product's page, then add to the cart. 

What Customisation Options are Available for Kids' Denim Jackets?

We can customise the embroidery font style, thread colour and text for each of our personalised kids jackets. From pink, white & blue thread and blue denim, white, black and dusty rose denim there are a range of personalisation options to create a bespoke jacket.

Can Kids Jackets be Designed to Match the Wedding Theme?

Yes. First, we have a variety of colour options you can choose from to match any wedding theme. We can also incorporate the wedding theme into the kids' jackets. Second, we can match the bride's outfit with her little team members’ outfits. Our personalisation options ensure everyone rocks a matching outfit that aligns with the wedding theme.