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How to create a perfect bridesmaid proposal box!

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Inviting someone to join your bridal party can be a big ask- they will likely be standing by you on your special day, helping with bridal activities such as searching for the perfect dress, making invitations and more. Plus, they will be responsible for holding a bridal shower and bachelorette party. It is a big responsibility!

That being said, you should put a little thought into asking your friends or family to join your bridal party & make it a memorable occasion. One great way of doing this is by presenting them with a 'will you be my bridesmaid?' gift box.

Creating the perfect bridesmaid's box with gifts comes down to three essentials things; the gift box itself, the bridal party gifts, and the message. Therefore, if you recently said 'yes' and would like your friends to say the same, build them the perfect bridesmaids box with these simple elements.

The Box

The first thing you need to look at is the box. The box that holds all the items should be beautiful and presentable. Miss Poppy Design offers a range of different sized & styles of boxes which will be suitable to house a variety of different sized gifts. For us, we believe that receiving a personalised gift adds so much to the experience, which is why all of our gift boxes come personalised. It can have their name on it, initials, or the words to pop the question, and is presented with a gorgeous tied ribbon in the colour of your choice.

The Bridal Party Gifts

As for the gifts, our tip is to make sure they are both useful and memorable. A good place to start is with self-care items such as bath salts, satin bridal robes, and personalised soy candles. Next, is a beautiful personalised keepsake. You can add a customised pair of pyjamas complete with a silk eye mask. Another option is a personalised robe or personalised champagne flute.

The Message

The perfect bridesmaid gift box has a gift card expressing love and care. It can do almost anything from popping the question to showing the love you have for your friend. Be sure to keep it personalised, short and sweet.

The perfect gift

Building the perfect bridesmaid proposal box calls for thoughtfulness. We offer a variety of pre-designed boxes, but if you can't find the perfect gift box for your bridal party we also have a 'build-a-box' feature where you can select the exact items you would like to include. For the ideal bridesmaid box in Melbourne, check out the simple process and make the proposal count.

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