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    Indulge in elegance and comfort with the best bride satin robes from Miss Poppy Design. Our collection of satin bridal robes includes:  

    Kailey Lace Trim Bridal RobeIf you are a minimalist who loves a simple yet sophisticated look, then Kailey bride satin robe is for you. It is a simple robe adorned with beautiful lace trim features on the hemline and sleeves. It also features a wide sash and an internal tie to give you a feminine touch. It comes in various colours, including white, nude blush, sage green and dusty rose. We can also personalise it for you with embroidery to allow you to express your individuality. 

    Billie Pleated Bridal Robe: This bride satin robe is exceptional, and we can’t keep calm. From its flowy fluted semi-sheer sleeves, maxi length, and glossy white colour, it is a show-stopper. Billie has a luxurious touch to it and moves naturally with your body. What's more, the combination of the satin and semi-sheer fabrics makes it a unique ensemble that will create magical photos and unforgettable preparation memories. We have also provided personalisation options, allowing you to choose the embroidery colour and where you want your embroidery to be located. 

    Keira Pearl Lace Sleeve WhiteThis satin bride robe is to die for. With its flowy pearl lace, quality satin fabric, and lightweight drapes, it is crafted for comfort and beauty. The 3D pearls on the sleeves are attractive, making it ideal for timeless photographs. It is a wrap-style bride satin robe with an adjustable tie robe for added comfort. Keira is a maxi robe that makes every bride feel confident. 

    Fleur Floral Lace Sleeve Robe: A wedding can only be complete with flowers, and this satin bride robe is a better way to start your morning with flowers. It is designed with high-quality matte white satin blended with cute sheer floral lace sleeves and elasticised cuffs to make you a beautiful bride. For an extra touch of elegance, we can embroider your name, initials, or any text you like on your robe.  

    Ella Satin Bridesmaid Robe: Ella has taken things a notch higher. It features contrasting colours to add some drama to your look. If you want to leave a statement and create memorable photos, this satin bridal robe is definitely for you. It features a narrow, contrasting sash and neckline, making it simple yet fashionable. You can play around with the colours to create a vibrant atmosphere. It also has a soft feel and glossy finish. Even though simple, Ella's bridal robe has a vibe. 

    Harriet Satin Bridesmaid Robe: Our Harriet bride satin robe is ideal for brides looking for sophistication and luxury. We have designed it with striking floral lace trim to make it look exquisite. It has a shimmy finish, which makes the design breathtaking. It comes in three colours: white, dusty rose, and sage green. 

    Our bride satin robes are designed to last long beyond your wedding journey. Follow these guidelines to ensure your satin bridal robes maintain their look and feel: 

    • Always follow the instructions on the care label since satin maintenance varies with the fabric type. 
    • Always wash with cold water and mild detergent, preferably for unique fabrics. 
    • Avoid using bleached stain removers since they can damage the fabric. 
    • Air dry or sundry your bride's satin robe, and avoid using dryers. 
    • Use low heat and place a pressing cloth when ironing.