Bridal Bows

Bridal Bows In Australia: Bridal Hair Accessories

Sometimes, your outfit needs a little extra accessory to make it pop. That is why we create beautiful bridal bows. Our bridal hair accessories are made from high-quality materials and are ideal for modern brides. Learn more about our charming storybook-like bridal hair ribbon. 


Quality And Material Of Our Bridal Hair Ribbon

Silky satin. It is a delicate fabric that drapes beautifully. The resulting bows are simple but elegant. They go well with any dress and have a lightweight appeal. In addition, you can get the bows customised with the wedding date or a 'wifey' label. 

Tulle. Tulle has a lace-like look that is perfect for the bride with a lace accent dress. The polyester tulle has a lightweight feel too. In addition, the bows have beautiful sparkling designs featuring pearls, stars and moon, dots, and hearts.  

It is also worth mentioning that our bows come in a variety of designs and lengths. There is the classic bow with two long tails in silk or polyester. In addition, we have the drooping bow, which features no tails but hangs as low as shoulder length. We also have a bow with silk and polyester accents, plus decorative hearts. 

What Options Are Available For Bridal Hair Accessories In Our Store

Miss Poppy Design has lovely accessories available to brides besides the hair bow wedding accessory. You can get the following:

MRS hairpin

The MRS hairpin is ideal for bold brides. It features the word MRS bejewelled with stunning gemstones. 

Bridal hair bow 

The bridal hair bow is a charming feature that beautifully drapes against the wedding dress. It comes in different lengths and styles. In addition, we offer customised wedding bows. 

Bride hairpin

The bride's hairpin has the word 'BRIDE' adorned with gemstones all over the lettering. 

MISS hairpin

You are not a MRS yet, so consider the 'MISS' hairpin. It is also perfect for your bridesmaids. 

Love hairpin

The 'Love' hairpin is perfect for showing the big day's theme. 

Pearl headband

And finally, we have a beautiful pearl headband for the minimalist bride. In addition, it is a charming alternative to the wedding hair bow. 

Worth Noting: Miss Poppy Design also has bridal military hats and caps. Technically, they are hair accessories that can make your pre-wedding shoots amazing. We have a military bridal hat encrusted with pearls. In addition, we offer a personalised Mrs. cap, among other designs. 

How To Order Bridal Hair Bow For Wedding

If you have decided to wear your wedding hair with bow accents, consider us your favoured bow dealer in Australia and worldwide. Ordering a bridal hair bow for the big day is easy. Just go onto our website and find the perfect bow.

Depending on the design, you may have to add some personalisation details. Once you choose the font and colour, place the bow into the shopping cart and check out. You can add your delivery address at checkout and pick a payment method.

Afterpay is reserved for Australian and New Zealand orders. Once you are done, select a shipping option, and you will only have to wait a few days for the order to arrive. 

How Much Time Will It Take To Deliver Bridal Hair Ribbon

If you don't require your bridal bow to be personalised, we can dispatch the same day. If you order a personalised bridal bow then please allow 3-4 days for us to custom embroider your bow.

However, we understand the last-minute rush. Therefore, email our customer service staff if you are worried about not getting the bow in time. We will ensure your order comes as fast as possible without compromising quality.