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Trendy Bridal Jackets. Discover our exclusive bridal jacket collection, featuring elegant designs from denim to faux fur, perfect for adding a stylish touch to your wedding attire. Bridal jackets; they are a trend that challenges tradition in the most stylish way possible. More brides are noticing the importance and aesthetic advantages of a bridal jacket. So what are bridal jackets for anyway? 

First, bridal jackets are a great way to stay warm during a winter wedding. Many brides have no idea what to wear with their wedding gowns or jumpsuits during winter. Yes, you want to look your best, but not while catching a cold. A bridal jacket complements the outfit well and keeps you warm! The second reason: bridal jackets are great for photos. It adds a personal touch to your already memorable day. What better way to declare your new status or match with the bride squad than with a custom bridal jacket? Or better yet, match with your little one. Third, these jackets are great keepsakes that you can re-wear. Most people only get to wear their wedding outfit once. But you can wear your bridal jacket as often as possible after the wedding. In addition, even if you give away your outfit or are renting, you will always have a keepsake for your wedding. 

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Shop Our Range Of Exclusive Bridal Jackets

Some of the best bridal jackets in Australia are right here at Miss Poppy Design. We pride ourselves in crafting beautiful, elegant bridal jackets from high-quality material to suit the bride’s needs. Learn more about our options below:

Feather Bridal Jacket: Our feather bridal jacket offers a touch of whimsy and romance to the bridal outfit. In addition, it is great for adding texture and movement. We use soft and luxurious feathers to capture the dreamy and ethereal aesthetic. Our goal is to make you look and feel like a fairytale princess in this jacket.

Our feather bridal jackets are ideal for showcasing luxury and sophistication. If you are a bride looking for a statement piece to elevate your wedding day look, our feather jackets add a touch of drama and flair, ensuring you stand out on your special day.

Denim Jacket: Our bridal denim jackets offer your bridal attire a relaxed and casual vibe. It is the perfect item for brides who embrace a laid-back style. We stitch our denim bridal jackets from durable denim fabric. These jackets provide comfort and versatility, allowing the bride to move freely and confidently throughout her wedding day. Whether adorned with embroidery or embellishments, our bridal denim jackets add a touch of personality and charm to your ensemble. It is the perfect way to reflect your individuality and love for casual chic!

Faux Fur Jacket: Our faux fur jackets are a luxurious and cozy choice for brides planning winter weddings or seeking vintage-inspired glamour. We use soft and sumptuous faux fur that ensures the jackets provide warmth and luxury. Wearing one of our faux fur bridal jackets is like enveloping yourself in a cloud of softness and sophistication! In addition, our faux fur bridal jackets add some Hollywood glamour to your outfit. This jacket is perfect for candlelit ceremonies and snow-kissed landscapes. They are the best option for a romantic and enchanting ceremony. You will feel like a winter goddess as you walk down the aisle.

Kids’ Personalised Jackets : Our kid's personalised jackets are a charming and adorable addition to any young wedding party member's attire. These jackets offer a unique and special touch by featuring custom embroidery, monograms, or fun designs. Whether adorned with their name, initials, or cute labels like ‘big sister,’ our kids’ personalised jackets add a sense of individuality and excitement to the child's outfit. Perfect for flower girls, ring bearers, or junior bridesmaids, these jackets make them feel extra special and create lasting memories of their role in the wedding!

Shipping Information

All our non-personalised bridal jackets in Australia are shipped within 1-2 business days. So, if you are making a purchase quickly, don’t worry! We will ensure it gets to you on time. Personalised bridal jackets are a little different.

Please refer to our shipping page for our current turnaround on jackets personalised with embroidery. We recommend placing your orders early, no bride should miss her jacket!

What Styles Of Bridal Jackets Are Available?

Miss Poppy Design is home to a wide range of bridal jackets in Australia! If you are looking for the perfect fit, consider the following from our collection:

Denim Bridal Jacket: Picture your favourite jeans but transformed into a stylish bridal statement! Denim bridal jackets add a touch of casual chic to your wedding dress. 

Embroidered Bridal Jacket: Embroidered bridal jackets are adorned with names and initials, adding a pop of uniqueness and detail 

Faux Fur Bridal Jacket: Faux fur bridal jackets offer warmth and luxury, perfect for winter weddings or adding a touch of vintage glam!

Embellished Bridal Jacket: Embellished bridal jackets are decked with pearls, adding a glamorous touch to your gown. 

Feather Bridal Jacket: Soft, whimsical feathers add movement and romance to your look, creating a dreamy, ethereal vibe.

Monogrammed Bridal Jacket: Your initials, name, or wedding date stitched onto the jacket add a unique and sentimental touch.

How Do I Choose The Right Bridal Jacket For My Wedding Dress?

Choosing the right bridal jacket for your wedding dress is all about complementing the style. Consider your gown's fabric, style, and embellishments to ensure the jacket coordinates or contrasts beautifully. If your dress is simple, opt for a jacket with detailed embellishments to add dimension and flair. On the other hand, if your dress is already dramatic, a more minimalistic jacket may be the perfect balance. Also, think about the season and venue of your wedding—lightweight fabrics for summer and warmer options for winter. Trust your instincts and choose the jacket that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and radiant on your special day.

Can Bridal Jackets Be Worn After The Wedding?

Yes, absolutely! One of the things we love about our bridal jackets is that you can wear them long after the wedding. The stylish piece can quickly become your new favourite jacket because it has your name or initials. And we make sure you can wear your jacket after the wedding. How? By dedicating ourselves to using high-quality material when making the jackets. From the fabric to the embellishments, trim, and lettering– every aspect of our bridal jacket is created to remain put so you can wear the jacket long after the ceremony. So don’t be afraid to rock that jacket after the nuptials!