Bridal Denim Jackets

Explore our chic bridal denim jacket range, perfect for adding a modern twist to your wedding day look with custom embellishments and unique designs. Having a stylish gown on your wedding day is one of the perks most brides revere. However, trend-setting with a bridal denim jacket in Australia is the perfect way to commemorate your wedding day and make it memorable for years. 

Though not many people consider denim jackets appropriate on their wedding day, they are wrong. Custom bride denim jackets are the perfect accessories to express your unique style and still look fabulous for your after-party event. Additionally, the jackets are ideal for anyone having a winter wedding. Likewise, if you are going for a non-traditional wedding style, then this is your best bet. A denim bride jacket brings out your cool casual side without calling too much attention. Denim jackets are excellent for stepping away from the norm and keeping it simple while rocking your wedding dress. 

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Shop Our Bridal Denim Jacket Collection

We offer a wide range of bridal denim jackets, including:

Embellished Denim Jackets: Our embellished denim jackets are the perfect way to make a statement when taking wedding photos or at your after-party. They are the ultimate fashion outfit for a settled yet distinct style. Our jackets feature magnificent pearls that complement any gown. You also get more glamour with the customised embellishments, adding to the jacket's elegance. Additionally, the jacket comes personalised with your new surname or any other text. If you are looking for a more customised look, there is an option to add text underneath the collar. And don’t worry about comfort! Our denim jackets are made from 100% cotton. Size should not be a problem; we offer all jackets in multiple sizes, giving you that perfect fit. 

Jamie Embellished Trim Denim Jackets: Our Jamie embellished trim jacket is another way to go. These jackets feature a luxurious chain with drapes running across the back and down your arms, moving freely with your body as you walk. It is the perfect accessory for ‘getting ready’ photos and dancing at the after-party. You can personalise our embellished trim jackets by adding any text or names of your choice above the drapes to show off your creative side or sense of humour. 

The jackets come in multiple sizes, all meant to give you the perfect fitting. The jackets are also made from 100% cotton to keep you warm and comfortable during your winter wedding. 

Feather Trim Denim Jackets: If you want a more stylish cowgirl look, the feather-trimmed denim jacket is the way to go. Our feather trim is ideal for brides who want to show off their wild side.  Like our other feather jackets, the denim feather trim features a voguish feather trim across the back, giving the outfit an angelic touch. The jacket also has a strip of pearls that adds more details to it, making it pop.  Have something creative you want on your jacket? Our feather trim also comes personalised with names. 

Embroidered Denim Jackets: If you want something more unique, then our embroidered bride denim jackets can match your taste. They are an excellent blend of sophistication and elegance. One of the most remarkable features of our embroidered jackets is the hand-sewn beading of any name or text of your choosing at the back.

Our quality embroidery ensures that the text can last for years, even after your wedding. The jackets also have faux pearls across the top half and shoulders. 

Monogrammed Denim Jackets: Our monogrammed denim jackets are ideal for brides who want a more personalised feel at their wedding photos. You can style up your design with a monogram of your name and your spouse’s. The jacket also has faux pearls at the top, giving it more detail and glamour. Like the faux fur jackets, our monogrammed denim jackets are made from 100% cotton to keep you warm and comfortable.  

Shipping Information

Are you ready to give your wedding a unique sparkle? After making a purchase, you can have any non-personalised bridal denim jacket in Australia shipped to you on the same day.

On the other hand, our embroidered and personalised jackets are dispatched within ten business days. They may also take longer if you purchase during a busy season, so ensure you make your orders early enough. 

However, you can contact us through our live chat if you are in a rush, and we can make arrangements. 

Why Choose A Denim Bridal Jacket?

A denim bridal jacket is a timeless accessory to have, even after a wedding. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a custom denim bride jacket: You do not have to worry about ruining your look. Denim jackets are versatile, making them ideal for layering. They will complement your gown.  You also have an array of bridal jacket collections to choose from. There are a ton of different colours, fits, designs, and personalisation options available.

A bridal denim jacket in Australia will never go out of style. Denim jackets are one of those items that can withstand the test of time.  Denim jackets are also warm and comfortable. They are an ideal outfit for a chilling evening dance or a winter wedding without ruining your overall look. 

How Can I Personalise My Bridal Denim Jacket?

Here are the simple steps to personalising your denim bride jacket: When you find the jacket you want on our website, click the ‘Add Personalisation’ button or a ‘Text For Jacket Back’ section under the Size option. 

In both sections, you can type the name or text you want on the back of the jacket. There is also an option to add text under the collar of your shirt.  Some denim jackets also come with added options, which you can choose for a more customised bridal package.  Once you are done personalising your jacket, click ‘Add To Cart,’ and our system will automatically generate your new price. You can see the price in your cart as you check out. 

How Do I Choose The Right Size In A Denim Bridal Jacket?

The size of your bridal jacket should not be a worry. We have multiple sizes to choose from in our store. You can also find the sizing chart with measurments on the product page.

After you find the jacket you like, you will find a ‘Size’ scrollable button on the product page. Once you find the right fit, click on it.  You can follow the steps on ‘How To Personalise Your Denim Bridal Jacket’ if you want a personalised bride denim jacket