Beaded Bridal Robe

Discover luxury with our beaded bridal robes, exquisitely detailed for your wedding day. Find the perfect blend of glamour and elegance here. Beads have always been significant in the fashion industry, especially weddings. They are used as decorations to add sparkle and elegance. Beads typically add a special touch to any garment, including bridal robes. Beaded bridal robes originate from way back and have been on trend for years. They create a whimsical illusion that makes brides look heavenly in their wedding prep photos. If you want to make a statement right from the morning of your wedding day, a beaded bridal robe will serve the purpose. You will ignite the whole room with beauty. 

Shop Our Collection of Beaded Bridal Robes

We design the most luxurious bridal robes locally and internationally at Miss Poppy Design. We use premium quality fabrics to ensure your beaded bridal robe serves you long after the wedding. We pay special attention to detail when handcrafting the beads on your robe. Every step, every bead, every pattern is well-calculated to produce a fine finish. 

Each stage of creating our beaded bridal gowns is delicate: 
Designing: We create a mock-up design of how your finished robe will look. 
Selecting a fabric: after designing our blueprint for the dress, we pick material from our various premium robe fabrics, which include satin, lace, and semi-sheers. 
Selecting the type of beads to be used on the robe. 
Quality control: we carefully examine if the beads have been placed correctly and have the exact pattern you desire. 
Final touches: we make adjustments to ensure your beaded bridal robe is beautiful and perfect. And with that, your bridal robe will be ready for shipping. We use quality beads in different sizes and shapes. Our bead material includes faux pearls, rhinestones, crystals, sequins, and glass beads.

The following is a collection of our beaded bridal robes: 
Mariska Sparkly Beaded Maxi Robe : Mariska has undergone a recent transformation and is better than ever before. It is meant for the bride who loves a lot of sparkle and shimmer, leaving no chances when it comes to drama. When you wear it, everyone will know you are the bride of the day.  This sparkly beaded bridal robe features a lot of sequins and beads. Its floor length allows it to drape beautifully, giving you a goddess look. It alsohas a white waist tie that you can tie at the front. Its elasticised also enhances its appearance. Mariska is a vibe that every bride wants to get a hand on. 

Bridgette Sparkly Beaded Robe: Our Bridgette beaded bridal robe is the perfect definition of cuteness. It is chic and ultra feminine. This piece of beauty features a luxurious sequin and bead details to make it shine. It has a short length -just above the knee- and short sleeves- right below the elbow. It also comes with a white sash that allows you to dress it up or down. 

Are Beaded Bridal Robes Available in Different Sizes?

Yes. Our beaded bridal robes come in multiple sizes to accommodate every bride and bridesmaid. Click on a beaded bridal robe that you prefer. You will see a scrollable button labelled 'size.'Once you find the right size, click on it, then add it to the cart. We have also provided a size chart guide for some of our items to find the perfect fit. 

How Should I Look After a Beaded Bridal Robe?

You want to maintain the beauty and integrity of your beaded bridal robe. Any mishandling can damage the fabric and its beauty. So, we have provided the following guidelines to help keep your robe in shape. Spot clean dirty areas: use a clean, damp cloth to remove any stains on your robe and let it air dry. Store your beaded bridal robe in a dry area: the idea is to avoid moisture since it tarnishes the beads, and they will lose their shine. Handle your robe gently: always handle your beautiful beaded robe like a baby. Rough handling will loosen the beads, and they will fall. Additionally, it will damage the fabric, and your robe will lose its aesthetic appeal. Seek professional cleaning: If your beaded bridal robe is exceptionally delicate, take it to a professional cleaner.