Top 7 Bridal Gifts for 2022

Feb 2, 2022

Your friend is about to get married, and you couldn't be happier for them. Obviously, the bride deserves to be showered with love, and meaningful gifts are one way to pull this off. However, it needs to be something special because you are no ordinary friend. A thoughtful gift makes your bride happy and shows how well you cherish her. Therefore, while hunting for the perfect bridal gift, consider any of the following:

  1. Personalised Bridal Jacket- if your bride has not yet found an edgy tend to add to their wedding, then a customised jacket will be appreciated. It is a trendy accessory that is also functional for the evening party.
  2. Bridal Box- a bridal box will contain everything that your bride will need before, during, and even after the wedding. You can get a personalised bridal box and fill it with creative items such as little bottles of Moet to celebrate, a bridal robe, chocolate, candles and more. You could try out our build-a-box option to fill your bridal box to suit your budget and needs.
  3. Personalised pyjamas- ensure that your bride has the most comfortable night’s sleep days before the wedding by getting them a cozy PJ set. It includes shorts, and a matching top. Don't forget to personalise their bridal pyjamas with their new initials or surname.
  4. Pamper Items- you can give your bride a spa-like treatment by getting them gifts to pamper themselves. From infused candles to bath salts, and even tea, you cannot go wrong.
  5. Customised Items- your bride will cherish every customised bridal gift that comes their way. They are functional keepsakes that will be treasured forever. Consider a personalised robe, champagne flute, or scented candle. 
  6. A Yummy Treat- chocolate, who can resist chocolate? Cookies are also a great option to give to your bride. Help them indulge in a yummy treat to take the edge off and relieve the stress of wedding planning.
  7. Jewellery- Jewellery makes a beautiful keepsake, and something that your friends can continue to wear long after the wedding celebrations. Our faves for 2022 are these 90s inspires pearl and letter bracelets, as well as these pearl earrings!

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