Seasonal Considerations for Bridal Outerwear

Seasonal Considerations for Bridal Outerwear

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When it comes to wedding ensembles, outerwear can be a perfect accessory to elevate your bridal look. Recently, many brides are preferring to layer their wedding gowns with bridal outerwear. Likewise, wedding fashion brands like Miss Poppy Design also keep experimenting with different bridal outerwear designs that are particularly popular this wedding season. 

There are many different types and styles of bridal outwear. From bridal capes, jackets, blazers, veils, robes, wraps, and trench coats, there is a lot for brides to choose from. If you are looking to incorporate wedding outerwear, it is crucial to choose one that aligns with the season. And while aesthetics is important, consider that seasons keep changing. 

The right bridal outerwear should be practical, versatile, and comfortable regardless of the season. Of course, it should add flair and not compromise your finished bridal look. Keep reading this article, as it provides insights on choosing the perfect bridal outerwear for your wedding, no matter the season or weather. 

Why Seasonal Bridal Fashion Matters? 

Weather and seasons have a significant influence on a bride's wedding attire choices. Each comes with its elements and charm. And because seasons are constantly shifting, brides should choose outfits that are appropriate for specific temperatures and weather conditions. Cold seasons, such as winter and fall, call for heavy bridal attires to provide warmth. Contrariwise, hot or warm seasons like summer require light and breathable attires to keep you cool.  

Despite the weather and season, bridal attire should be comfortable, functional, and still appealing. It should reflect your personality, mimic the desired silhouettes, allow free movement, and make you look the best. All in all, the perfect bridal outerwear and overall attire should not compromise functionality and fashion.

Spring and Summer Bridal Outerwear Options 

Summer is the hottest season of the year, and temperatures are extremely high. Similarly, spring experiences warm temperatures but is less highly concentrated than summer. No bride would want to feel hot, sweat, and get sticky on their special day. During these seasons, the secret is to choose bridal outerwear made of lightweight and breathable fabrics such as lace, silk, sheer, tulle, chiffon, and linen. They allow air circulation, reducing heat discomfort and humidity.

To accessorise your spring and summer bridal gowns, go for practical outerwear like sheer and silk shawls, capes, lace boleros, tulle wraps, sleeveless vests, and cropped jackets. Cardigans and jackets can also complement your spring and summer look, but they should be extremely lightweight. 

Additionally, spring and summer are colourful seasons that create a vibrant atmosphere and mood. Your bridal outerwear should, therefore, feature vibrant hues. Muted shades with pops of colours such as light pinks, blues, lavender, and mint greens can add a romantic feel to summer and spring bridal dresses. 

Fall and Winter Bridal Outerwear Essentials 

Fall and winter are typically cold, and brides need to stay warm. Contrary to many people's beliefs, you can look warm and still be fashionable. So, don't just think of a basic jacket or outerwear. Think of elegant and cosy pieces that will scream glamour and class. The goal is to be stylish and warm despite the weather. 

Fabrics like faux fur, feathers, velvet, denim, brocade, heavy silk, cotton, and light wool are great options for the cold season. You can comfortably say “I do” in warm, fashionable and functional bridal outerwear such as heavy denim jackets, faux fur wraps, velvet capes, knitted shawls, long-sleeved boleros, wool coats, feather jackets, and puff jackets. 

Top Bridal Outerwear Trends by Season 

Wedding fashion trends keep fleeting depending on the seasons. This year, layering is among the latest trends, making bridal outerwear popular among many brides. Seasonal considerations for brides include jackets, shawls, wraps, gloves, trench coats, bridal robes, and blazers. These wedding accessories have been on trend for a while and are expected to take the spotlight this wedding season. But how do you choose a trending outerwear fit for a particular season? 

Winter: Customised denim, leather, faux fur, and feather jackets are great for winter to provide warmth and sophistication. Velvet capes, cashmere shawls and wraps, satin gloves and long-sleeve jackets are also excellent winter wedding accessories. 

Spring: Floral-embroidered capes, lightweight floral jackets, sheer capes, lightweight fur and feathers, tulle wraps, satin or silk blazers, lace gloves, floral kimonos, and silk sheer or lace robes. 

Autumn: Belted trench coats, blazers, capes, faux fur jackets, wraps and shawls, denim jackets, satin gloves. 

Summer: Lace jackets and boleros, kimono robes, sheer shawls, cropped jackets, lace or sheer embroidered capes, and crotchet cover-ups.  

Personalising Your Wedding Outerwear

Customising wedding outerwear has many advantages and benefits. First, brides can add a personal touch to their ensemble, allowing them to express their personality. Second, personalisation turns a basic garment into a masterpiece, giving brides a unique experience. Most importantly, a customised wedding ensemble is one of the best keepsakes for brides. 

Some creative ideas for bridal outerwear customisation include custom embroidery, using paint designs, custom neon lights, and incorporating lace, bling, or embellishments to parts of your outerwear. You can also use feathers or faux fur for a more sophisticated look. To add personal touches, brides can add family heirlooms, monograms, or any particular thing that speaks to them personally. It could be a bible verse, a song, or couples' pet names. 

How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Outerwear

There are several factors to consider when choosing a bridal outwear to ensure a cohesive look. Your ensemble should sync with the wedding theme and style, venue, season or weather, bridal gown, wedding accessories, silhouette, and most importantly, your style. For instance, if you are having a winter wedding, your bridal outerwear should be made of heavyweight fabric, comfortable, and have winter colour palettes.  

Bridal Outerwear for Different Wedding Venues

The venue of your wedding can also determine your wedding outerwear. Different venues have different environments and elements. For example, an outdoor venue is different from an indoor one. A beach venue is different from the countryside. 

Outdoor garden wedding: lightweight denim jackets, lace jackets and boleros, floral kimono, sheer capes, tweed blazers, and tulle wraps. 

Countryside wedding: embellished leather jackets, faux fur jackets, floral kimono, denim jackets, plaid scarves, velvet capes, blazers. 

Beach weddings:  flowy robes, sleeveless lace vests, floral lace jackets, sheer wraps, long flowy veils.

Ballroom: faux fur jacket, feather and denim jackets, flowy embellished tulle floral or sheer capes, lace gloves, blazers, and satin trench coats, 

City loft: denim jackets, faux fur jackets, wraps, capes, boleros, cover-ups. 

Resort wedding: silk wraps, floral capes, mesh jackets, linen blazers, ponchos, boleros, and kimonos. 

Bridal Outerwear Care and Storage Tips 

Any bridal ensemble, including outerwear, is special for many brides. Keeping it in good condition before the wedding is crucial to ensure your finished look is fantastic. And even after the wedding, it should still look good because it's a keepsake. These are some proper care and storage tips: 

Before the wedding: Follow the instructions in the manual provided on how to handle your wedding outerwear. Hang on padded hangers to avoid damage such as ripping. Store in a cool, dry place. Also, avoid hanging it with leaking coloured clothes. Put it inside a protective bag to prevent stains. 
After the wedding: Take it to a specialised professional cleaner and store as aforementioned. 

Ready to Find Your Perfect Bridal Wear? Let’s Get Started!

Finding the right bridal outerwear for your wedding should never be an uphill task. At Miss Poppy Design, we have the most functional, versatile, and stylish bridal outerwear. From elegant feather jackets, classy faux fur and denim jackets, and trendy bridal robes, we guarantee that you will make a statement while still feeling comfortable. Did we mention we can also customise your wedding wear? Yes, and it only takes a few days. Contact us today to get your personalised dream wedding outerwear.

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