Feather Bridal Jacket

Discover our stunning bridal feather jacket collection, perfect for adding a luxurious and dramatic flair to your wedding ensemble with exquisite detailing.

Choosing an outfit is one of the best yet most crucial decisions brides must make for their wedding. Every bride dreams of being the bell of the ball on their once-in-a-lifetime occasion. The million-dollar question is, how can you pick the perfect fit to make you stand out and be the talk of town for days? This is where bridal feather jackets come in. A bridal feather jacket is a unique concept that every modern-day bride should consider. It is a stylish form that challenges the conventional way of just wearing a gown and a veil. A feather bridal jacket will tick all the boxes if you want to shake things up, be comfortable, and have a memorable wedding. 

Apart from having an aesthetic advantage, a bridal feather jacket is practical. You can rock it with almost all wedding dresses and remain stylish. Moreover, even after the wedding day, you can still wear it to complement other outfits. And if you are planning a winter wedding, what better way to keep you warm than a beautiful bridal feather jacket? 

Shop Our Elegant Feather Bridal Jacket Collection

Miss Poppy Design has some of the best bridal feather jackets in Australia. We value style and quality; we ensure fine attention to detail in every bridal jacket we design. Our range of bridal feather jackets includes the following: 

Mae Feather Jacket Dusty Blush : Finely crafted from marabou feathers, our Mae Feather jacket has a beautiful colour palette that matches almost any dress. Its elegant and timeless fashion gives a Hollywood vibe that many brides desire. This fashionable piece has a classy satin lining that gives a smooth touch. Its outer is covered with marabou fur to give you the dreamiest look. Additionally, this jacket has a hook & eye closure, not forgetting its long sleeves and cropped length. You can never go wrong with our dusty blush bridal feather jacket.

Mae Feather Jacket White : Nothing screams heavenly and angelic than our white feather jacket! And the best part is you can play around with it to complement your gown, whether you want to dress it up or down. 

This satin-lined feather jacket is an excellent option if you want to add drama to your wedding photos. It is a stunning cover, especially for cooler seasons. It provides added warmth while allowing you to show off your shoulders. Like our dusty blush feather jacket, this white option is made from 100% marabou feather, giving you the fashion runway look as you walk down the aisle. 

Mae Feather Jacket Sage : This jacket screams confidence, elegance and fashion. Its out-of-the-norm colour demystifies every myth surrounding wedding outfits and colours. This unique feather bridal jacket ideally guarantees that you will be the talk of the town for years, if not months. Did we mention how picture-perfect it is? Yes, with its unique neutral colour, marabou feather finishing and full-length sleeves, it’s the secret to memorable photos. You can style it up and down and still look fashionable. 

Willow Feather Jacket : A moment of silence for this ostrich feathered jacket. That's the reaction from everyone who will see you in this beautiful jacket on your wedding day. Our willow bridal feather jacket is a statement. 

Its handmade ostrich feathers add luxury and a little drama, making things more exciting. It features a cropped silhouette, white satin lining, and hook & eye closure. It can be worn in different styles that complement nearly every wedding gown.   

Willow Jacket Dusty Blush : Our willow jacket is another way to leave an impression. With its flowy ostrich feathers and minimalist yet classy colour, this bridal feather jacket is the way to go. We craft it with soft, luxurious weather to give you a dreamy look.

Mae Feather Jacket Black : If you want to shake things up and make headlines, why not try our black feather bridal feather jacket? It is exclusive, with a perfect blend of colour, cropped silhouette, full-length sleeves, and beauty giving you a flattering feminine look. Its outer finish is 100% marabou feather with a smooth, satin, fine lining. It is luxurious, classy, and extraordinary. 

Shipping Information

Are you looking to change your wedding game with a beautiful feather bridal jacket? At Miss Poppy Design, we have you covered with our wide range of bridal jackets. We dispatch non-personalised bridal feather jackets within 1-2 business days.

Conversely, worry not if you want to give more thought to your jacket and express your individuality. We deliver personalised and embroidered jackets within ten business days. However, it may take longer during busy seasons, so make your orders early enough.   If you are in urgent need, you can also contact us through our live chat to make special arrangements for last-minute bridal jackets. 

How Do I Care for My Feather Bridal Jacket?

Feather bridal jackets are delicate. They can lose their sophisticated appearance and integrity if not cared for correctly. Here are a few steps to take care of our feather bridal jackets. 

Store in a cool, dark place since natural light can cause discolouration. 
Store in a breathable suit bag to prevent dust and moisture. 
Don't hang it next to colour-bleeding clothes. 
Gently shake your bridal feather jacket before wearing it to reduce any moulting. This will also ensure that the feathers are fluffy.
Seek a professional cleaner with experience in handling delicate fabrics. 

Are Feather Bridal Jackets Suitable for All Seasons?

Yes. You can wear a feather bridal jacket at any season. Our bridal feather jackets are lightweight and cropped to cater to warmer seasons. On the other hand, our full-length sleeves and 100% marabou feather provide extra warmth during cooler seasons. 

What's more exciting is that our feather bridal jackets are made of high-quality, durable material and can complement almost all looks. This means you can still rock it long after the wedding.