Bridal Faux Fur Jacket

Browse our elegant faux fur bridal jacket collection, designed to add a touch of warmth and luxury to your wedding day look with various styles and fits.

Trend alert: bridal faux fur jackets are here with us, and it's a trend that we can’t miss out on, especially not you. 

As the wedding landscape continues to evolve, many brides are breaking the norm. What used to be just a sweetheart's neckline dress and a long veil is a thing of the past. Now more than ever, brides are becoming daring and surprisingly stylish, much to the point that the faux fur bridal jacket is now among the most elegant wedding accessories. 

A bridal faux fur coat is incredibly chic. It is the perfect secret ingredient to glam you up on your wedding day. Perfect for any bride, faux fur can be worn in any season and in whichever style you want. 

Even though it is commonly associated with cold seasons, faux fur bridal jackets are also ideal for warm seasons as long as they are lightweight. You can use it as a cover-up, dress it up or down according to your fashion sense, or even customise it for added fun. There is so much you can do with a faux fur bridal jacket. 

Shop Our Range of Faux Fur Bridal Jackets

Miss Poppy Design crafts the best and most iconic bridal jackets in Australia. If you want the perfect faux fur bridal coat, these two should be on top of your wedding outfit list: 

Harlow Faux Fur Jacket | White: Our luxurious and rich bridal faux fur jacket is hand-designed to make you feel cozy and warm. Its angelic white colour adds a touch of glamour, and the carefully knitted faux fur bridal jacket gives it a whimsical and romantic vibe. If you are looking to make a statement that speaks luxury, our premium quality bridal faux jacket offers you just that. To add a feminine touch to it, we have designed it with full-length sleeves and a cropped length. We have also used the hook & eye closure, making it easy to wear and remove. This bridal faux fur coat is the ideal fit for every bride. It is also versatile and can be worn with anything, even after your wedding. 

Just like our feather bridal jackets, bridal faux fur provides warmth during cooler seasons and can be easily dressed up and down however you like it. 

Harlow Faux fur Jacket | Oatmeal: This masterpiece is nothing short of comfortable, classy and whimsical. Elevate your bridal look with this exquisite bridal faux fur jacket and step into the spotlight on your wedding day. It is a beautiful addition to any bridal outfit as it adds a touch of elegance. Our oatmeal fax fur bridal jacket is hand-knitted to give it texture and dimension, guaranteeing you a flattering feminine look on your special occasion. We have paid attention to detail to its quality, a premium quality that can last for years long after your wedding. What a memorable keepsake for your special occasion! 

The jacket’s cropped length allows you to play around with any bridal outfit while giving you a perfect fitting. Compared to the Mae Feather Jacket White, the Harlow faux Fur Jacket offers more coverage and is viable for cooler seasons. What’s not to like about this beautiful bridal fur jacket?

Shipping Information

Whether in Australia or anywhere in the world, you cannot miss out on our on-trend bridal faux fur jackets. They are one of a kind, and we ensure they reach you on time for your special occasion. All our non-personalised items, including faux fur bridal jackets, are dispatched within 1-2 business days. Conversely, all personalised items take a little more time to ensure we keenly craft them to your liking. Personalised items will take around 4-10 business days to be dispatched. Please note that during high peak seasons, it may take longer than usual. Therefore, make your order early enough to get your bridal items on time. 

For urgent orders, you can place a rush order and contact us via our live chat, and we will be able to assist you. 

Can Faux Fur Bridal Jackets Be Personalised?

Yes! Faux fur bridal jackets can be personalised to suit your preferences. At Miss Poppy Design, we can personalise your faux fur coat in the following ways: 

Monogrammed bridal faux fur jacket: we stitch your initials, name or wedding dates onto your coat to add a sentimental touch. 

Embellished bridal faux fur coat: adding embellishments such as crystals and pears to make your jacket sparkle. 

Colour customisation: we offer customised colours that match your wedding theme. 

Accessories: you can accessorise your faux fur bridal jacket with accessories like belts or brooches to enhance your bridal look. 

Are Faux Fur Bridal Jackets Suitable For all Wedding Venues?

Absolutely! Bridal faux fur jackets can be worn in various wedding venues. In fact, there is no better way to attract attention than wearing a beautiful faux fur jacket. It screams sophistication, elegance, and class, and, most importantly, it is a clear indication that you understood the assignment. Here are some reasons why you should consider a faux fur bridal jacket for almost any wedding venue: 

Fax fur jackets complement any occasion, whether formal or casual since they are already sophisticated and elegant. Bridal faux fur coats are versatile and can be used for different seasons. Even though they are primarily for cold seasons, lightweight bridal faux fur jackets can be used in warmer seasons.

How Do I Care for and Store My Faux Fur Bridal Jacket?

Faux fur can easily get messed up if not taken care of correctly. Here is how you can maintain your faux fur bridal jacket: Store your bridal faux fur coat in a cool, dark, and dry place. 
Avoid getting your lining wet, as it can destroy the fibres. Luckily, our faux fur bridal jackets are unlined, making it easier for you to take care of them. 
Spot clean stains instead of washing them thoroughly with water. 
In case your faux fur bridal jacket gets wet, air dries it instead of using any heated drying equipment. 
Shake your jacket always to get rid of any dust and debris. 
Brush your coat once a week using a firm bristle brush to prevent matting and tangling.