Bridesmaid Gift Boxes

Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes In Australia

Bridesmaid boxes are a heartfelt way to propose to your bridal party and ask, 'will you be my bridesmaid?'. We offer a curated collection of bridesmaid gift boxes filled with beautiful gifts your bridal party will love. A be my bridesmaid box will become a cherished keepsake your #bridetribe can cherish for years to come.

Our Range Of Personalised Bridesmaid Boxes By Miss Poppy Design

Our range of personalised bridesmaid boxes come both filled and empty, allowing you to DIY your bridesmaid surprise box and fill it with your own items.We send our bridesmaid boxes Australia-wide and internationally for those friends living overseas.Therefore, if you are planning to walk down the aisle and need a way to ask your closest friends to be by your side, check out our bridesmaid gift boxes. You will surely find something that will match your theme while ensuring that your friends feel just as special.Β 

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If you plan to DIY the wedding boxes for bridesmaids, we have a few ideas for what you can put into the box. These are helpful items every bridesmaid will love and appreciate. You can put:

Silk pyjamas. A pair of personalised silk pyjamas are a great item to put in the bridesmaid surprise box.Β 

Personalised luxury robes. Your girls will need comfortable threads to prepare for the big day. Therefore, consider adding personalised bridesmaid gowns to the bridesmaid gift boxes.

Bath bombs. A bath bomb is a great gift to help your bridesmaids relax before the big day. Β 

Personalised drinkware. Personalised keepsakes like drinkware are a great addition to the bridesmaid proposal box.

Scented candles. Scented candles are another good choice; you can even pick zodiac-specific scents.Β 

A pack of painkillers. The girls will be pretty tired after the event. So ensure you add a pack of painkillers to the 'be my bridesmaid' box.Β 

Skincare face masks. Another great gift to ensure your girls look excellent for the upcoming nuptials.Β 

We offer a wide range of personalised bridesmaid proposal boxes. However, they are crafted to ensure the bridesmaid looks and feels great in the days leading up to the wedding. It translates to high-quality gifts that make your loved ones feel special.Β 

You can find a plain box with the name of the bridesmaid. The basic option offers the opportunity to fill the box yourself. Alternatively, we have standard boxes with specific gifts such as drinkware, eye masks, and robes.

In addition, we have a build-a-box feature that lets you pick specific items to include in the personalised bridesmaid boxes. The feature is the best of both worlds.Β 

It is a great idea to DIY the bridal box. There is more room for creativity. Additionally, you can include items that play to the bridesmaid's likes. DIY is also a good opportunity to play to your friends' quirks and specific likes.

For example, some bridesmaids would prefer a bath bomb over face masks. You can meet these specifications through DIY.Β 

Alternatively, you could do a little bit of DIY with assisted help. Why not create your own bridesmaid proposal box with our 'build-a-gift-box' feature, which enables you to select the desired products?

Wedding boxes for bridesmaids are not just to ask your besties to be part of your big day but also to thank them after the wedding day is over to show your appreciation and support.

With Miss Poppy Design, you can shop now and pay later with Afterpay. Best of all, shipping is Australia-wide and international.Β 

You can add a greeting card to your bridesmaid box order. In fact, it makes the box even more meaningful if you can express how much your bridesmaid means to you. If you plan to DIY, the card is an excellent addition.Β 

With Afterpay, you can purchase the bridesmaid gift boxes with the items and pay later. We offer a flexible payment method to ensure the box reaches you on time.Β 

You can buy the bridesmaid proposal box through our website. Just place the item in the cart and fill in the prompts as required. Then select a payment method, and the box will be on its way to you! You never have to search for the best bridesmaid boxes Australia again; you can find them at Miss Poppy Design.Β