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    Yes. Miss Poppy Design offers personalisation options to suit your every need. We provide embroidery on different parts of the feather trim pyjama: the front, back, or both parts. 

    Imaginative embroidery options include using a contrasting colour on the pyjamas to make it pop. You can also choose beautiful fonts with different sizes and characters. You can embroider your full name, initials, a phrase, a song, or anything that resonates with you. 

    Our pyjamas are made of delicate materials, including linen and satin. But of all delicate fabrics, the feather trims require utmost care because the material can easily get ruined. Key aspects to consider when it comes to maintenance include cleaning, drying, and storage. 

    Cleaning and Drying : Remove the detachable trims before washing the feather cuff pyjamas and clean them separately. Start by shaking the feathers gently to remove any trapped dirt or particles. Mix lukewarm water with mild detergent and soak the feather trims. Gently rub your fingers through the feathers from the base to the tip. Alternatively, swish them around until you feel it's thoroughly cleaned. Rinse off the soap and air dry the feathers. Steam the feathers and preen them back into shape if the feathers are ruffled. 

    For the pyjamas, use lukewarm water and mild soap or detergent to wash. Swish them until clean; avoid twisting as it causes wrinkles. After that, air dry the pyjamas, but avoid putting them under direct sunlight. Please avoid using washing machines and dryers as they can easily damage the fabrics and feathers. 

    Storage : Once the feathers are clean and dry, put them in a cool and dry place and avoid sunlight. It is also advisable to seal them inside a breathable bag or cardboard box to protect the feathers against mould, insects, and dirt. Also, hang them and put them away from crowded places to prevent them from getting damaged and losing shape. 

    Regarding the pyjamas, whether linen or satin, hang using padded hangers. Then, store them in a cool, dry, breathable bag.