Personalised Bridal Robes

Bridal robes are a necessity when planning a wedding. But not just because they are beautiful. Bridal bathrobes are also highly functional; every bride needs one before getting into their wedding gown. And luckily, we have the best custom bridal robes.

Miss Poppy Design specialises in beautiful personalised bridal robes. Our personalised satin robes come in various colours and materials. Learn more about our products below. 

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Quality Of Our Monogrammed Robes

At Miss Poppy Design, we stay true to quality and functional designs. That is why our monogrammed bridal robes are some of the best in Australia. 

We use silk in a durable satin weave. Silk is our top choice because of its many functional characteristics. Our favourite ones are:

  • Elasticity. Silk is flexible and has some elasticity that lets it pull back into shape after stretching. Therefore, silk robes keep their shape well. 
  • Quick drying. Silk’s quick drying speed makes it great for making wedding robes.
  • Breathability. Silk is lightweight and breathable, making it good for bridal robes. The material reduces the risk of overheating when getting ready. 
  • Visuals. Silk fibres are smooth and straight, which makes the fabric shinier to the eye. In addition, the fibres give it a softer touch. 

As for why we chose the satin weave, the following benefits convey the answer:

  • Lovely drape. The concentration of fibres creates a soft and easy drape. This makes the weave perfect for evening wear and bridal robes.
  • Durability. Satin uses long filament fibres woven tightly. The result is a strong material, stronger than plain weave fabrics.
  • Wrinkle-resistance. Satin-woven fabrics do not wrinkle easily. Therefore, our bridal robes will not wrinkle as you prepare for the big day. 

Visuals. The organisation of the threads creates a shiny look with a soft feel. Thus, our bridal robes have a luxurious feel.

Personalised Wedding Robe For Bride: A Perfect Gift For Brides And Bridesmaids

One of the reasons why modern brides are getting personalised bridesmaid robes is for the pictures. Most people only have one wedding, so many images are needed to commemorate the special day.

Brides and their bridal parties have the chance at candid images as they get ready the morning of. And coordinating outfits can improve the photos. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to get everyone in the same outfit. And that is why you should consider robes for your bridal party. 

We have high-quality monogrammed bridesmaid robes, ideal for bridesmaid proposal boxes. Our custom bridal party robes are the key to amazing pictures on the big day.

How Do I Know If A Personalised Bridal Robe Is The Right Choice For Me?

Are you a bride looking for an extra touch of uniqueness? Do you want to give your loyal friends custom bridesmaid robes? Are you looking for a convenient clothing item to wear as you prepare for the wedding? If your answers are ‘yes’, then a personalised bridal robe is the right choice.

  1. What Type Of Personalised Bridal Robes Do You Design?

Miss Poppy Design has beautiful satin robes. Some are plain, while others come with lace trims on the sleeves and hem. Plain or with lace, you will surely find a beautiful personalised wedding robe for bride.

How Much Time Will It Take To Deliver A Customised Bridal Robe?

We are dedicated to ensuring that your bridal robe is perfect. Therefore, we will dispatch your robe in two days to less than a week, depending on personalisation needs and the size of your order.

What Colour Options Are Available In Your Personalised Wedding Robes?

For visuals, we stick to classic elegant colours. But not to worry, you are sure to find a lovely robe that fits your theme. Our primary colours are:

  • Rose
  • Blush
  • Pink
  • White
  • Sage green
  • Champagne 
  • Dusty blue

How To Order Best Custom Robes For Brides And Bridesmaid For Wedding Party

Miss Poppy Design has a convenient shopping feature. Once you find the ideal robe, you can place it in your cart and add the personalisation details. At checkout, you will pick a payment method and include shipping details. In a few days, you should have the bridal and bridesmaid robes!

So don’t wait another minute to get your robe. Order today and enjoy our cheap shipping fees within Australia and worldwide.