Personalised Gift Boxes In Australia

Are you looking for personalised gift boxes in Australia? Look no further than Miss Poppy Design. Learn more about our beautiful, long-lasting gift boxes below. 

Our Range Of Custom Gift Boxes By Miss Poppy Design

We have a beautiful selection of gift boxes, depending on the occasion. 

  • Bridal proposal. It is the top choice for brides to ask their friends to be bridesmaids. There is also a 'bride tribe' option. 
  • Name box. This personalised gift box comes with the name of the recipient. 
  • Groomsmen box. It is great for asking your friends to be your groomsmen.  
  • Initial box. The initial box comes with the initials of the recipient. 

Personalised Gift Boxes

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What Do You Put In Personalised Gifts Sets

There are multiple things you could put together to form gift boxes. Miss Poppy Design has an endless selection of cool gift items for your special someone on any occasion.

You can build personalised gift boxes or use ready-made custom gift boxes on our website. Here are a few top choices to induce in custom-made gift boxes: 

  • Personalised pyjamas. We have a beautiful selection of personalised pyjamas, which would be ideal for personalised gift boxes. We embroider the names for a long-lasting hold. 
  • Jewellery. Our website has hair pins, earrings, and other jewellery items. They will go well in a gift box for her. 
  • Body care items. Whether you are building a custom gift box for him or her, body care items are a good choice. Our website has floral bath salts, fragrances, and face rollers, among other items. 
  • Candles. Candles are a great gift. They can go into custom gift boxes for clients and other formal acquaintances. 
  • Socks. Your loved one will appreciate a pair of warm cotton socks, especially as Christmas approaches. 
  • Sweet treats. Whether you make custom gift boxes for business partners or family members, sweet treats like cookies or candy will be received with smiles. 

How Can I Personalise A Gifts Box?

Getting a regular gift box may not have the impact you want. Therefore, consider getting a gift box. In addition, you should get a high-quality box that will last years. 

If you have decided to get a long-lasting gift box from our website, you can personalise it before putting it into the shopping cart. Depending on the box you choose, you can add the recipient's name or initial on the box.

The name will appear at the top of the box, so it will be the first thing they see. You can choose from three different font styles. In addition, some boxes come with ribbons, so you can pick the perfect colour for the recipient. 

  1. Can I Make An Addition To My Order Once I've Placed It?

If we haven't began making your custom gift box we may be able to make changes. Please contact our customer team asap to discuss.

  1. Can You Gift Wrap My Order?

We currently do not offer gift-wrapping services, but that's because you can get a beautiful personalised gift box from our website. Our gift boxes speak for themselves. They are strong and beautiful– therefore, ideal for giving gifts. Some of our gift box options even come with a sleek white or pink ribbon. 

  1. Can I Include A Gift Message In My Order?

We include a delivery note with some of our orders. But it is not a personalised gift message. Instead, it outlines details of the order, such as the sender's and recipient's names. We leave you the creativity of crafting your special message. Handwriting the note makes it a little more special!

Do You Offer Express Delivery Service?

Miss Poppy Design offers express shipping, which you can access at checkout. We dispatch the gift boxes as soon as the design team is done with them. This way, you can receive the box as quickly as possible. But be sure to check if the product is eligible for express shipping. 

Personalised gift boxes take 1 to 5 days to arrive across Australia. On the other hand, international shipping takes up to 12 business days. However, if you are on a deadline, contact our team– we will ensure the box arrives on time. 

How To Buy Online Personalised Gift Boxes In Our Store

Once you have the desired gift box, add the personalisation features and pick the desired font. Then, add the gift box to the shopping cart and check out. You will add shipping details and select a payment method before clearing the process. Our shopping feature makes the process easy, convenient, and fast.