Bridal Party Gifts

Spoil your besties, sisters and family with our range of beautiful bridesmaid gifts. Our range of bridal party gifts are the perfect way to propose to your bridal party, and make sure they say 'I do', too!  From premium bridesmaid boxes, to proposal candles, cookies and accessories, you will be sure to find what you're looking for, and leave a lasting memory long after you have walked down the aisle.

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    Bride Squad Proposal Candle


    Yes, you can. Our exclusive collection of gift items allows you to personalise your bridal party gift box. You can choose from a variety of gift items including:

    Bridesmaid proposals
    Bride-to-be sashes
    Bridal denim jackets
    Bridal robes
    Floral salts
    Champagne flutes
    Deluxe soy candles and more.

    There is no such spending limit when it comes to buying a perfect gift for the bride. While buying the gift always keep in mind that it should be something the bride will appreciate. At Miss Poppy Design, we offer a wide range of bridal gift items starting at just $6 and ranges up to $200 and more, allowing you to choose according to your budget.

    Yes. Along with high-quality bridal party gifts, we offer a wide range of customised cards for various occasions. They are printed on a heavyweight stock with a premium blush envelope. Our collection of cards includes:

    Will you be my bridesmaid card
    Will you be my best man card
    Will you be my maid of honour card
    Will you be my groomsman card
    Will you be my flower girl card
    Without you proposal card
    Mother of the bride card
    Mother of the groom card
    For my future husband card
    Yay! Card

    We offer a vast range of bridal party gift boxes. Each box contains different items. For example:

    Sleep-ins gift set includes a matte satin gown with lace detailing on the hem & sleeves, a personalised silk eye mask, complete in a personalised gift box with ribbon.

    Relaxation gift set includes personalised matte satin robe, the James collective floral salts bath soak, organic rose petals, organic lavender, organic chamomile, scented rose candle tin, etc.

    Blushing proposal gift box includes personalised stemless champagne flute, bride squad fondant cookie, luxe soy candle, the James collective rose soak, etc.

    Personalised bridal proposal gift box includes proposal candles, bridal party sashes, or personalised champagne glasses.

    Bridal Gifts That Show You Care, and Will Make Her Smile!

    If you’ve ever been around a soon-to-be bride, you understand the term ‘Bridezilla’ all too well. Overwhelming is an understatement compared to what a bride feels during her wedding.

    So, keep reading this article if you want to find out more about some unforgettable wedding day gift ideas for the bride and make her special day priceless,

    Get the ideal gift for the bride in Australia

    It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on the bride’s gifts to show you that you care! We have you covered with the greatest presents for the bride that you can buy in Australia, whether you’re looking for planning necessities or things that’ll help her relax!

    Explore a range of bridal shower gifts by Miss Poppy Design

    Personalised Bridal Jacket
    If you’ve missed the memo, you must know that bridal jackets are the new ‘it’ thing! The jacket can be worn from hens to honeymoon, its timeless design ensures that you'll wear it again and again. If parting from traditional bridal attire is what the bride wants, this is the perfect gift

    Bridal Box
    Consider it a custom first aid kit full of wedding party gifts or favours the bride didn’t know she needed. Whether it’s her favourite brand of champagne, wine, chocolates, or treats, we have you covered. 

    Bridal Party Pyjamas Australia
    A personalised pair of bridal party pyjamas with her soon-to-be name embroidered beautifully is guaranteed to make her beam. You’ll find the best bridal party PJs in Australia at Miss Poppy Design. A fresh ultra-modern, chic and comfortable pair of pyjamas with the option to personalise by adding her name makes the perfect gifting option.   
    Pamper Items
    The bride will bless you with nine lives if you give her anything that relaxes her from all the wedding madness. Self care products can help keep stress at bay. Bath salts, scented soy candles, eye masks and slippers can be great bridal shower gifts.

    Gifting a necklace, bracelet or earrings of her liking can make her elated. Jewellery at Miss Poppy Design is one of the sweetest gifts for the occasion.

    What do you put in a bridesmaid box?

    We offer the widest varieties when it comes to our Bridal Party Boxes. You can choose from different box types with the most premium products. Our specialty range includes:
    • Dried flowers;
    • Robes and pyjamas
    • Bridal proposal candles;
    • Heart sunglasses;
    • Personalised Comfy
    • Fluffy slippers
    • Bridesmaid bracelets
    • Champagne
    • Hair accessories
    • Proposal cookies

    Can I personalisepersonalize a Bridal Party Gift Box?

    Most definitely, yes. At Miss Poppy Design, you have an extensive collection to choose from and customise it to create memorable wedding gifts. 

    How much should I spend on Bridal Party Gifts?

    It’s your thought that counts when it comes to bridal party presents. Keep an approximate budget for the gift. We offer the ‘build-a-bridesmaid-box’ feature on the website allowing you to create beautiful gifts which meet your budget. Including personalised gifts in your bridal shower presents don’t cost much but create an impact.

    DO you offer greeting cards?

    Yes. Be it asking your BFFs to be your bridesmaid that makes them teary-eyed or writing the most touching letter to the bride, our cards are guaranteed to put a smile on the couple’s faces

    How to buy an online Bridal Party Box

    You can browse through a variety of products  our selection of items and find the perfect gift.

    Why Miss Poppy Design?

    All it takes to create personalised wedding gifts is to put in a little thought about the receiver's desires to make them feel extra special. 

    Miss Poppy Design is a specialised gifting store with a bride and bridesmaids-only collection. We have curated a premium collection of our favourite brands and products, with the option to customise them. Your ideal wedding gift awaits you at Miss Poppy Design!